Therapist of the Week: Amanda Pook, Skin Technology Clinic in Glasgow

Amanda Pook, of Skin Technology Clinic in Glasgow, Scotland, has been a trained therapist for over 16 years. Amanda has used our Cosmedix range in her skin clinic since 2004.

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amanda_pook_skin_consultantWhat’s your favourite part of the job?

I love that I can provide someone with the results that they have always hoped for. I can listen to their requirements and deliver. In the process, I can help the patient to better understand their skin, their bodies and what is realistic.  Together with Cosmedix, I can provide a complete revelation, helping my customers to discover their amazing potential. I provide not a short term fix, but long term help, enabling people to have the healthy skin once more.

What attracted you to Cosmedix?

Having met Aysha Campion-Awwad at an event, I came to a training course in Manchester back in 2004. The Medico Beauty philosophy just made complete sense to me and I have been loyal to Cosmedix for 9 years.  Previously, I had been using products and treatment systems which just couldn’t get the great result which my customers required. And all of a sudden, having met the Medico Beauty team and finding out about Cosmedix, I finally had something that could truly change and improve people’s skin. I've found that once someone starts using the range they don’t touch anything else clients are so happy and they just become completely dedicated and never switch. I’ve never found such compelling loyalty with any other range.

[caption id="attachment_1533" align="alignleft" width="201"]Cosmedix Benefit Clean Cosmedix Benefit Clean[/caption]

What do you love most about Cosmedix?

I love that Cosmedix products can be applied on any skin type. Throughout my many years of clinical experience, I've found that every single patient can find something in the range to help their skin. Whatever a patient's individual issue, I feel confident that I can improve their skin and get the best result possible.

What’s your favourite homecare product?

Benefit Clean Cleanser is a fantastic all round product which so many people love. It's particularly soothing for my customers who have undergone laser treatment. It's also great at taking off make up.

The Vitamin A derivative product, Define 2% Retinol AGP Complex, is such a brilliant choice for my customers; it helps such a massive variety of issues and is the treatment starting point for so many.

Finally, because laser is such a big part of my practice, I find that Rescue helps to soothe skin during the treatment process. It's also great as a balm for lips, heels and elbows.

What’s your favourite in-house treatment?

From the Cosmedix Tomorrow Peel range, Timeless is my favourite because it gets hugely pronounced results. A Tomorrow Peel (unlike the Today range of peels) requires some prepping of the skin with homecare products before the treatment is applied. Managing a patient's programme so closely means that I often develop a strong relationship with them over the long term. Cosmedix peel treatments work together so well with other treatments types, such as laser, meaning patients often opt for combined therapy packages.

Tell us about your best success story using Medico Beauty products & philosophies.

I have so many, literally hundreds, of great customer stories. My feedback and testimonals speak for themselves. Many people are at the end of the line when they first come to me and are desperate to change things. The worst thing is that they tend to have lost all trust and at first can't believe that what I can offer them will be different. It's so fantastic to not only change their skin, but also their belief that there are therapists out there with effective solutions.

Particularly, I get a lot of pleasure from helping my Acne patients, who often have struggled with the NHS, antibiotics and useless high street options. For first time in their lives they can trust their therapist, get a great result, be confident and have healthy skin once more. I am so sympathetic towards acne sufferers: I'm so happy to change their lives for the better and allow them to blossom again.

[caption id="attachment_1529" align="aligncenter" width="529"]Skin Technology, Glasgow: Before & After Skin Technology, Glasgow: Before & After[/caption]   Amanda Pook, Skin Technology, 4th floor, 111 Union Street, Glasgow, G1 3TA Tel: +44(0)7989 960171       Email:

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