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Valentines Day

February 12, 2013

Valentines Day


Are you ready? Look your best with these x5 exclusive kits.

These offers are open to both our trade & retail customers!


 DELUXE SOS KIT - repair premature ageing

Ageless Kit, Affirm & FREE PURE C £148.50 (save £40.70)

THE BOMB KIT - age management Emulsion, Phytoharmony & a FREE LIGHTNING £103.95 (save £44.97)

TARGET KIT - smooth, tighten & protect Opti Crystals, Pure Enzymes & FREE REFLECT SPF £122.10 (save £36.28)

TUNE UP KIT - regenerate collagen & elastin Cell ID, Affirm & FREE REFINE+ £129.80 (save £53.61)

DIY KIT - revive winter skin Correct Kit, Rescue & FREE BENEFIT BALANCE £122.03 (save £27.50)


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