Cosmedix: GREEN LOVE!



We recently wrote a post explaining why Cosmedix packaging has been created with your skin in mind, read more about it here. Next, learn about how the incredible botanically based ingredients have been housed in packaging which is not only skin kind, but earth kind too...

Look on the bottom of any CosMedix carton and odds are you’ll see an icon that’s half-tree, half-checkmark. While it’s no secret that CosMedix is among the skincare industry’s most natural brands, this special symbol indicates that our commitment to going green goes beyond what’s in our formulas. Issued by the Forest Stewardship Council, it certifies that our packaging comes from sustainable sources.

T H E   F O R E S T R Y    S T E W A R D S H I P   C O U N C I L 

Originally founded in 1993, the member-led FSC sets standards for responsible forest management in more than 80 countries. By balancing environmental, economic and social interests, the non-profit organization helps prevent deforestation while minimizing the negative impact on communities that rely on forest use for economic well being. The coveted certification seal goes only to companies proven to source their products from responsibly managed forests.

C O S M E D I X   &   F S C    C E R T I F I C A T I O N 

In order for a paper source to become certified, an independent FSC overseer must verify that each step in its processing, manufacture and distribution utilizes only FSC-approved sustainable material. This ensures an unbroken chain of environmental responsibility from start to finish.

Sustainability means more than just conservation. For the FSC to consider a natural source viable, it must also conform to local laws and land ownership rights (including those of indigenous peoples). Forest operations must respect workers’ rights, and regular independent assessments must confirm an ongoing commitment to maintaining the ecological integrity of the environment.

L O O K I N G   A H E A D 

As we continue to grow, CosMedix remains at the forefront of the movement to go green. From responsibly sourced natural ingredients to packaging that respects the land and the people who work it, we’re working with the earth to create products that deliver maximum results with minimum impact.



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