Cosmedix: Airless Packaging

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After extensive research and redesign, Cosmedix moved their packaging from tubes to airless pump delivery system that promises superior product safety, stability and ease of use. As with all our products and packaging, these new components are phthalate-free, keeping with our commitment to the environment and to positive skin health.


H O W  I T  W O R K S

1. Air hole(s) are located on bottom of container

2. We do not use chemical preservatives in our formulations

3. Airless pumps limit Oxygen exposure meaning no bacteria, yeast or contamination

4. They also ensure that the formulations aren’t compromised and maintain the potency of the incredible active ingredients



1. Do not block air hole(s) in pump base

2. NEVER open the bottle if you have an issue - keep cap ON (unless changing pump)

3. Should you notice an issue, pump a few times (15-20)

4. Then gentle tap against your hard or a hard surface

5. Continue to pump the air out of the product

6. Should this not work after 5 minutes, examine the holes on the underside of the product and unblock using a paperclip

7. If this fails, ask your practitioner to replace the pump


Check out our friend Casey from Cosmedix talking about airless pumps and packaging. And what to do in the rare instance that your pump stops working.  

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