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Although (as mentioned in another post) we were brought up eating all sorts of yummy raw snacks as children in the place of the chocolate bars and crisps enjoyed by our peers, we couldn't have predicted the raw food revolution which would hit the globe years later. The notion of 'raw food' living first came into our lives in a Sex & the City episode, 15 years ago:


Although we were SERIOUSLY bewildered by something as totally pretentious and ridiculous as a whole restaurant dedicated to raw food, as we become more educated about the movement, we realised the extent to which incredible, delicious and exciting food can be created by using these philosophies.

All those mocking or skeptical of terms such as 'vegan' or 'vegetarian' calm down. Enjoying raw food, to us, simply means upping the amount of raw food every day. And, actually, raw vegetables often have much more flavour, crunch and experience than cooked alternatives. Rather than being hippy, dippy and new age, for us this is about going back to basics and back to nature. So rather than opting for boiling the heck out of our veges or grabbing some processed meat, we search for healthier, more delicious, more environmentally ethical alternatives.

As mentioned already, similar to Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's opinion in his book, Veg Every Day, we agree that being too radical and purist is boring. Fundamentally, raw food just isn't always practical when on the go, nor is it always what you feel like munching on. And that's ok. However, fit in as much raw food as you can and you'll really start to feel the incredible health benefits both physically and mentally.

For some fun raw food recipies, in particular, we love Jenny Ross's book, Raw BasicsFearnley-Whittingstall's book, Veg Every Day, is also jam packed with ideas. Finally, we love Crazy Sexy Diet and Honestly Healthy.  As a cuisine, we've found that Vietnamese recipes, in particular, full of incredibly good veg filled fun.

For restaurants, head to 42 Degrees Raw or Inspiral Lounge Cafe in Camden. Alternatively, Whole Foods stocks a wonderful raw range: from crisps to cakes, anything is possible. Just to get you excited, see a lovely photo of a delicious, totally RAW chocolate cake. Now you know why we love raw, right?!

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