Honestly Healthy

Long before Whole Foods and the popularisation of healthy living, Aysha and Camilla were brought up with the notion of alkaline cooking and an awareness of food's ph balance. With an appetite for ferocious research, Constance Campion has always been massively ahead of the game and Awwad M. Awwad brought a whole medley of fresh cooking influences from his Mediterranean upbringing in Jordan.

We've been recommending this style of cooking and lifestyle to our patients for years, however, it wasn't until Natasha Corrett started her Honestly Healthy brand that we felt that this clean and pure style of cooking really exploded onto the public's subconscious  We at Medico Beauty seriously commend Natasha for all her hard work; everything she does is always presented beautifully and we just love her well carefully considered branding. Most of all, Medico Beauty are massive fans of her beautiful book (£13.50), of the same name, and highly suggest that you buy a copy for some healthy living and vegetarian based inspiration!

Check out another food revolution advocate, Kris Carr, discussing what she eats daily.


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