Salad, Dressing & Wraps

Thai cooking incorporates lots of delicious raw vegetables of various kinds. This is my favourite type of cuisine because its intense yet honest flavours mean that you can eat healthily without even noticing. I thought that I would share an incredible salad dressing which makes wholesome food taste incredibly more-ish. I love it with veg, but it is also amazing when served together with fish. To prepare, you will need to use some of the food tools which we have told you about in a previous post. All ingredients just go into a jug or jar.

*   The juice of two limes juice *  Tiny dash of Fish sauce *  Dash of Sesame oil *  Crushed fresh Ginger *  Crushed fresh Garlic *  Very finely sliced Chilli (seeds removed) *  Coriander *  Dash of Apple Vinegar *  (For those who like it: mint, crushed nuts and lime leaves)
My favorite salad to have this delicious dressing with is a raw cabbage salad. It's good and, even though consisting of only boring old vegetables, is absolutely delicious and totally filling! And for those who, understandably,  cannot be bothered to make this, go to M&S and purchase the Crunchy Rainbow Superbowl from their salad section. *  Grated/finely chopped red and normal cabbage *  Finely sliced mango *  Sugar Snap Peas *  Watercress *  Coriander *  Peppers *  Very finely choped red onion *  Grated/finely choped carrots For those who want a lunch box snack, wrap little amounts of this yummy salad into Vietamese Style Raw Spring Rolls which are far more healthy than their Chinese deepfried counterparts! Or you can even try wrapping salad in yum cabbage or lettuce leaves.


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