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October News

November 10, 2015 1 Comment

October News

October has been a very busy and eventful month for the Medico Beauty Team. We've seen changes begin to materialise and it's only the beginning of new and exciting things to come!


This month we have launched the brand new Medico Beauty Blog with a fashion-forward magazine style theme and modern appearance. The content has also been revamped and you will start to see a wide variety of different posts being published including lifestyle, nutrition, health and fitness and of course, skin science!


See below for a summary of some of the posts so far.


Also, this month we welcome the return of Refine Plus 8% Retinol AGP serum. This is the double strength version of the original Refine 4% Retinol AGP Serum.


Due to the strength of this product, it will only be available to professionals to sell in clinic and won't be sold online directly to the consumer.

Following a progressive treatment programme, we always advise that you put your client on a course of Refine 4% before progressing to Refine Plus 8%.

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