Harry Styles: Celebrity Beauty Bites


Countless late nights, a world wide tour and hormonal teenage skin has left the most loved-about lad on earth, Harry Styles, in a wee 'spot of bother'. Recent pap shots have shown that bad skin can happen to even the most beautiful of people, and the Medico Beauty team have decided that it's time for this boy wonder to clear up his act.

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First thing in the morning, we'd recommend that Harry put down the vodka shots and hot babes and instead pick up a glass of Balance Complete Greens Formula. Medico Beauty believes that great skin starts from the inside out. This liquid boost of purified goodness contains approximately 44 alkanised fruit and veg per serving, improving cellular activity with its refined and purified minerals.

Next, Harry should apply some Clarity Serum in order to unblock those pores: the botanically based formula includes a unique Vitamin A derivative, Retinol AGP Complex 2%It will mildly resurface to remove excess skin cell build-up (a common characteristic in Acne skin) and normalise oil production. This fantastic serum works well together with Clarity Supplement, a blend of detoxifying, cleansing and supportive herbs which will calm irritable, blemish-prone skin internally.

Harry's crazy lifestyle has left his combination skin unbalanced. Oil production is causing Acne, whilst long haul flights and late nights are simultaneously also causing a feeling of tight dryness. We recommend Harry get spritzing on the plane with Mystic Spray. Far more intelligent than any high street moisturiser, this light, non-oil spray will hydrate, whilst also purifiying blemish prone skin with its glorious antibacterial qualities. With healing properties, our products should return this mega babe's skin back to normal, healthy function, just like what he was born with.

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At the end of a long day...or night...it's important that Harry properly cleanse his skin and wash pollution, grime and even lipstick kisses from off his face. Purity Clean is an Acne sufferer's best friend, this powerful cocktail of active ingredients will penetrate deep into the skin's many layers, decongesting enlarged pores, reducing oil build up and hydrating. And before you reach for a towel, Harry, grab a sheet of Scott Roll: this biodegradable, non-tear paper will ensure that bacteria doesn't spread around your face.

Finally...it's time to reflect... no, literally; Reflect SPF30, a broad spectrum sunscreen. Trying to reduce those oil levels means that Harry won't want a heavy cream. This incredibly lightweight, yet powerful (and totally chemical free) SPF will protect but also allow his skin to breathe. Str0ng, yet gentle...just like Harry we imagine (swoon). Anyway...

If all else fails, Harry needn't worry that beautiful head of his: a quick fix treatment comes to the rescue in the form of A Spot Of Bother, an in-house treatment available at all Medico Beauty partner centres around the country. It will detoxify, penetrating deeply through the skin layes, reducing nasty acne pustules and healing inflamed skin. With little or no downtime recovery needed, Harry can be back on stage straight away.


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