Aysha in DUBAI!

Aysha is in Dubai at the moment, for a mix of work and pleasure. Among other things, she is being interviewed by OK Magazine Middle East. Here are some shots of her trip! As you can probably see, Medico Beauty have joined Instagram; you can follow us using the username MedicoBeauty.

Fishy fishy Dubai - brought some fancy smoked salmon and pieces for bellinis. Amazing because I don't eat meat and provides an excellent source of Omega 3, 6 & 9 - essential fatty acids.


A real underwater odyssey at the Atlantis Hotel - Dubai. Surprisingly had to charm and blag my way in because it was residence only for Eid?!?!? Princess Aysha denied entry...


My answers for OK Magazine - Dubai feature were meant to sound 'original' - though I'll let you be the judge!


An Arab lady just climb into a giant birkin bag in Dubai mall - just your average Sunday morning shopping and people watching. I'll take mine to go in mushroom!


Marc Jacobs heaven!


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