Professional After-Sun Skin Care

after sun This time of year the focus within the skin care industry is always about wearing adequate sun protection, and of course prevention is always better than cure. However, what if you forget your SPF and get caught out in the sun. Having a good post-sun after care plan is essential for repairing the damage and replenishing lost nutrients in the skin.

We recommend CosMedix Benefit Balance, which is an antioxidant prep, packed full of soothing and hydrating ingredients.  It can be used in the morning to enhance penetration and boost the effects of other antioxidant serums such as Affirm, to provide additional environment protection underneath your sunscreen.


Benefit Balance can also be used in the evening to restore skins balance. Containing naturally healing antioxidants, Spin Trap and plant based steroids, plus hydrating Heavy Water, It’s fantastic for soothing dry and sensitive skin, as well as cooling and reducing inflammation from heat rash.

SUN SAFE? Fact, even if you wear SPF religiously, this can still be useful to help skin recover and help to top up its antioxidant content. Did you know that even SPF50 only protects again 98% of UV rays, therefore you’re never truly covered 100%. It’s therefore essential to help replenish lost nutrients, reduce any inflammation and help restore any lost moisture following sun exposure.

DARK SUN Damage to your skin continues for up to 3 hours after sun exposure? Therefore it’s too late coming out of the sun when you see your skin turning red and thinking you’re safe because the cascade effect to DNA damage continues, even after sun exposure stops.

ESSENTIAL TIPS: A) avoid turning red in the first place, this is a sign that the damage has already began and B) nourish the skin with soothing ingredients as soon as possible to help repair any DNA damage.

CosMedix Rescue Plus

However, if you did happen to catch too much sun during the day and skin is showing signs of damage in the form of redness, your best option for skin recovery comes in the form of CosMedix Rescue+, which is an intensely soothing balm and mask quickly calms the appearance of dryness, irritation and any post-procedure sensitivity. Supercharged with nourishing and hydrating Shea Butter and Argan Oil, soothing Willowherb and antioxidant rich Resveratrol, Rescue+ offers superior relief following UV exposure.

In the same way Rescue+ is used post-procedure to help the skins healing process, using it after sun exposure helps the skin to recover and repair.

PRO TIP: Mix Rescue+ and Benefit Balance together to create a deeply nourishing solution for painfully red sun burn. By combing with Benefit Balance, the added slip allows for spread on larger areas such as back and legs

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