My Healthy Life: Lucy Delius

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What was your skin like pre-Medico Beauty?

My skin had old blemishes and an Oily/Combination issue. I never felt like I could go out without my make up on and I certainly didn't feel confident about my skin.  And I've always been very conscious of the large pores on my nose.  I'd suffered from Acne and blemishes  in my early twenties and my skin had never been the same since. I just really didn't like my skin!  And I really wanted to look luminous and glowing for my upcoming wedding day.

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What Medico Beauty products do you currently use & what is your daily/nightly routine?




I also go into their mum Constance Campion's practice, The London Wellness Centre, once in a while for a check up consultation and a Cosmedix Purity Peel with Aysha. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="98"]Purity Clean Purity Clean[/caption]

What is your favourite Medico Beauty product?

I absolutely love Purity Clean. I cleanse my face every morning. I use the cleanser like a two minute facemask and put it directly onto my face in the morning whilst in the shower. I then use Spa Cell Facial Pad to massage it off.  It leaves a peppermint tingle and my face feels really clean and oil free! I also always wipe my face clean with disposable paper so as not to cross contaminate.

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What is your favourite thing about the Medico Beauty philosophy?

I love that it's not about the 'label', false promises or playing on typical female insecurities: Medico Beauty is about actually changing the skin you have in a healthy, body kind way, from the inside out. And it really, really works: the proof is in the great result. Medico Beauty is the only authorised distributor of Cosmedix and Osmosis and I trust them completely. Aysha and Camilla Campion-Awwad not only tailor a skincare programme just for you, but they are always on hand to offer advice along every step of the way.  The whole process has also totally changed the way I think about my body and my skin.  I would NEVER leave the house without my factor 30 now!

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Even though I was on the routine for only a few months before my wedding, my skin quality had improved in time for our big day. Now, as a year has passed, I have had constant comments about how good my skin looks and I feel confident about it again.  My skin feels and appears much more balanced. Their Aloette pressed mineral foundation is so light that you can really see the great skin that you have underneath.  My pores are smaller and my skin is so much more refined.

What is your general exercise routine?

I cycle to work regularly, 2 Power Yoga classes per week and a swim at the Hurlingham at the weekend finished off with a steam! Power Yoga is my favourite: it's mind and body healer. The room is heated (to a comfortable temperature); it's the perfect place to hang out on a cold Monday night when you're chilled to the bones.

avocadoWhat’s your favourite health food fix?

I could live off Avocados forever, I literally put them with everything.  But nothing is better than with Mexican food.

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