My Healthy Life: Jemma

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What was your skin like pre-Medico Beauty?

Combination, oily, spot prone skin. I have had Acne since my early teens, which varied in severity over the years but continued well into my twenties. I have tried every product under the sun from Clinique, Clarins, Clean & Clear to Dermologica, but nothing gave me the visible results I was looking for. I had been in a cycle of covering up my skin with chemical filled foundations and concealer make up, which I realise now (having been educated by Aysha) only made my skin issue worse.

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What made you come to Medico Beauty for help?

I am the Customer Service Manager for Saks Hair & Beauty HQ and Cosmedix was recommended to me by our resident Beauty Guru, Kirsty Jewson, because we use the product range in our beauty salons. I had virtually given up on ever solving the problems with my skin, but the more I heard about the Cosmedix offering, I realised that I had to try it out. I started using the line in the run up to my wedding because I badly wanted to have clear skin on my big day.

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What is your routine?

I currently use Purity Clean to cleanse my skin, followed by Clarity Serum and Reflect SPF 30. I sometimes use the Purity Clean as a mask in the morning by leaving it on for 15 minutes in the shower. I also use Serum 16, which contains 16% LG-Retinex (the proprietary, exclusive blend of Retinal and Retinol),  sometimes at night to give my skin an extra  Boost. I am 100% loyal to Cosmedix and will never use anything else, I recommend it to all my friends!

I recently had a Benefit Peel with Aysha and it was fantastic; this was my first Cosmedix  Treatment, but I noticed the difference straight away so I will definitely be having more more in-salon peels! There is nothing better in the world than a facial to relax and unwind!

What is your favourite Medico Beauty product?

Purity Clean Cleanser is definitely my favourite product as it really makes your skin feel so fresh clean without the harshness and chemical feel that so many oil reduction skin products have. I love that I can be used as a mask in the shower too!

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What is your favourite thing about Medico Beauty?

I love that the Medico Beauty Method also encourages  healthy lifestyle, as well as  good skincare. The team are concerned with the overall integrity of the skin, not just an immediate synthetic effect. Cosmedix products do not make false promises on what they can do, but instead deliver genuine results. They really get to the root of the problem and fix it! The Cosmedix line has changed my skin completely. I now no longer get breakouts and my Acne scarring has started to fade. The biggest reward for me is that I don't need to tell anyone that my skin has improved or that I'm using new skincare because everyone keeps noticing. I can't explain how much it means for someone who has had Acne for more than a decade to get so many compliments on my skin, particularly on my wedding day.

What are your exercise and healthy eating loves?

I go walking with my family on the weekend. I feel so much more comfortable going make up free to the gym (3 times a week) and I am also using mineral make up now too help my skin even more. I am Vegetarian and my favourite healthy food fix is dried apricots and almonds (also amazing for the skin). I massively reduced my sugar intake since realising the impact of my diet from Aysha. I find Pilates a good way to relax my body and mind.

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