My Healthy Life: Arianna Jacobs

Contemporary art specialist Arianna Jacobs suffered from problem skin until summer 2011, when she discovered the Medico Beauty philosophy and Cosmedix products.

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Breakouts and oil were a big issue. My skin was often sore, extremely sensitive and unpredictable. One day it might be all clear and then suddenly the next day I would have a breakout that could last for months. I found this highly unpleasant and the situation did not make for a healthy relationship with my skin! I realise now that the products (filled with chemicals) which I previously used to try to fix the problems in fact only further affected the equilibrium of my skin, making things even more unbalanced and much worse.

How did you decide to make the switch over to Medico Beauty?

I switched to Cosmedix after a trip to Ibiza in 2011. I discovered that nearly all the girls in the villa which I was staying in were already using Cosmedix. Despite their very different skin types, each girl was absolutely thrilled with the results and enthusiastically told me it had changed their life! Thankfully, they stepped in and informed me of a much needed Body-Kind update to my skin regime.

What Medico Beauty products do you currently use & what is your daily/nightly routine?

Borrowing from friends, I started using the products whilst on holiday and noticed a huge difference right away: my skin was brighter, glowing and less irritated within 36 hours. Now I only use Medico Beauty distributed products exclusively, mostly from the Cosmedix line.

product picks

Purity Clean morning and night without fail: the best cleanser that I have ever come across! It contains a natural peppermint extract, which soothes your skin, whilst also leaving it feeling really clean. In the morning, I like to leave the cleanser on whilst in the shower as a five minute exfoliating mask.

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Purity Balance twice daily. Something like a toner (but so much more), Purity Balance hydrates, purifies, invigorates and provides a powerful antioxidant punch

Clarity Serum between once and twice daily. It really helps to manage my oil issue and breakouts.

Phytoclear balancing moisturiser every other day: it is great for getting rid of fine dryness lines pronto. It hydrates my skin without making my oil issue worse.

I use Reflect SPF30 sunscreen every morning. It is so lightweight, it just feels like spritzing on water. This great product is completely mineral based, unlike so many other sunscreens on the market. So many people don't use sunscreen because it feels heavy. This product should be mandatory!

I always use Scott Roll to dry my face after cleansing. Using a disposable paper, rather than a towel, helps to also reduce breakouts. Luckily, Scott Roll is biodegradable, so it's an environmentally friendly disposable option.

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What is your favourite Medico Beauty product?

Purity Balance is a real skin saver. I can feel it working immediately; if my skin even has a touch of sensitivity or oil, this soothing wonder product brings it back to a healthy matte right away. I honestly can't bear to be apart from it!The team also introduced me to Vitamin D (ISO D3), a miracle supplement which not only does wonders for overall body health, but also encourages healthy skin.

Being darker skinned but living in a colder/cloudier climate, I realise now that Vitamin D deficiency was a large factor contributing to my constant breakouts. I sincerely thank Skin Cop (Constance Campion) for teaching me more about D deficiency! I'm a complete convert to Vitamin D and take it daily.

Finally, I make sure that I stock up on healthy fats and healthy oils. I love Eskimo Oil (Omega 3, 6 & 9).

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What is your favourite thing about the Medico Beauty philosophy?

The Medico Beauty team have been wonderful skin and body health coaches. At the start of the process, they gave me real confidence that their philosophies and products really could sort out my skin problems (something I just didn't feel was possible having struggled on and off for years!). Their confidence really did rub off on me, bringing my stress levels way down. As stress is one factor thought to cause breakouts, this was an essential start.

Most importantly, the team really do focus on body and mind wellness: something which really changed my skin health philosophy. To get my body back in equilibrium, I love sipping on a Cosmedix Restore Powder drink every morning.

Finally, Medico Beauty does not carry specialist products for darker skins or Asian skins, like so many other brands. Their products can help anyone, whatever their skin issue, skin type or ethnicity. This made finding the answers to my skin problems so much easier.

[caption id="attachment_3143" align="aligncenter" width="518"]Arianna Jacobs Arianna Jacobs[/caption] What is your general exercise routine?

I enjoy a good gym routine during lunch: it doesn't interfere with either sleeping late or heading out in the evenings, which was always my excuse for not going before!

What’s your favourite health food fix?

I've become really in to cold pressed juices, especially if they're really green or really spicy. It was an exciting day when The Good Life opened on Sloane Avenue. I'm hoping that they expand all over London, into Mayfair where I work and Kensington where I live.

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