The Medico Beauty Guide To Being Sun-SMART

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Scientific research about the risk of sun exposure states the facts loud and clear.  Burning is detrimental to healthy skin. It is a visible indication that DNA damage has resulted from excessive exposure to Ultraviolet Light (UVL) that is radiation. The wavelengths of sunlight vary in depth. UVA penetrates more deeply into the skin’s dermis and UVB penetrates only to the epidermis, where it ignites the production of pigment granules called melanin.  In some cases the production is normal and you develop a tan evenly. However in others damage to pigment producing cells called Melanocytes creates an imbalance flow.

Skin Cancer

Interestingly, we all have the same number of Melanocytes, no matter skin colour but it is the size of the pigment granules and quantity that varies depending on Fitzpatrick. This is inherited from parents. If one parent is more able to tan than the other, you could be a “deviated skin type”, seemingly fair in winter months and Giselle golden-bronze in the summer. The issue with this combination is the likelihood to develop problems with uneven skin colour is more prevalent.

Microwaving the protein structure of delicate cell membrane creates peroxidation and the mutations that result in seeing the symptoms of premature ageing, lines, saggy skin and discolouration.

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No one is immune from the risk of burning. Many of us have experience the nightmare holiday lobster moment and it’s resulting post flake!

The Medico Beauty advice to being Sun-SMART is to;

SAVE your face and body! Never underestimate the strength of sunlight in warmer climates and even at home. The fail proof, SUN SAFE approach to protecting complexion involves wearing sunscreen every day as a matter of habit and if you can experiment find a mineral makeup that provides a natural looking coverage.

MICRONISED zinc particles used in products such as mineral makeup are naturally derived from the earth. Usually powders in brushes are much lighter coverage than compact and more suited to beach wear. Because particles are micronised, they can be stubborn to remove and more likely to be water and sweat-resistant.

ANTIOXIDANTS are ingredient hero’s that diminish the resulting free radical cascade caused by UVL. All CosMedix and Results Rx mineral sunscreens are combined with supercharged antioxidants & anti-inflammatories. This neutralises the natural response of pigment production.

REAPPLY sunscreen immediately after bathing and remaining in sunlight for longer than 120 minutes. Always use first thing in the morning, ideally 30 minutes prior to sun exposure.

TAKE a hat with you…everywhere. Even when walking from one gorgeous outdoor venue to another! Smart girls and boys understand the importance of physically blocking UVL.

The celebrity secret to protecting their skin from premature ageing - Wear a Sun Hat!

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Avoid Seeing Red - Don’t DIM your attention to from using proper sunscreen!

DENY that you are Fitzpatrick I and behave like an IV. Skin health savvy experts know that Mother Nature designed us one way or the other, so if you are naturally fair embrace looking “pale and interesting” and don’t risk the health of your skin for a tan that may never happen!

IMMEDIATELY heading for the beach to go for the burn! Acclimate your skin to the new climate by having at least 15 -30 minutes of sun exposure during a time when get benefits from exposure. Vitamin D production only occurs during exposure to UVB rays. This only needs to be on arms and legs, keep exposure to face to a minimum and wear a hat!

MINERAL sunscreen is excellent choice for those that are sensitive to chemical sunscreens such as Oxybenzone and Benzophenone that penetrate the skin and “absorb” UVL and “filter” by preventing burning.  However, the resulting free radicals that are created are more damaging to cell structure than UVL exposure. Without realising that the skin is also burning often exposure to sunlight is prolonged.

On a final note…

Don’t rely on sunscreen available in local pharmacies abroad, where quality can vary. Always stock up on mineral makeup and sunscreen at home prior to departing on your holiday in the sun!

Fake it until you make it! Knowing what suits your skin and heritage is key. If you didn’t inherit a natural ability to tan without burning don’t force it. Go for the golden option of using fake tan and if you need help with getting an even application see a professional.


Suncare Top Tip!

If you wear Mineral Makeup throughout the daytime and plan on being outdoors for longer than 120 minutes it is vital to re-apply sunscreen. Because Reflect dries completely clear it can be used directly over mineral makeup applied earlier in the day.


CosMedix Reflect SPF30 Retails at £39.15 for 120ml.


Mineral sunscreen application tips:

  • Apply in the morning on to dry skin after serums and hydrators have absorbed.
  • Apply two thin coats instead of one thick coat. Not only will you get a more even coverage but it also helps the product to absorb better so no white cast.
  • Use of antioxidant serums underneath such as CosMedix Affirm for free radical protection from environment factors as well as UV.
  • Don't forget to reapply if spending extended periods out in the sun. Whilst physical sunscreens don't degrade in the sun, they can be removed if sweating or swimming.
  • Did you know you can cocktail Serious Protection + Reflect together. We call it "Serious Reflection". It gives a beautiful luminous finish to the skin and makes an excellent primer for mineral makeup.
  • We also recommend using CosMedix Mystic over the top throughout the day as and when skin needs an extra boost of hydration.
  • Don't forget to use sun hats and protective clothing as well as avoiding excessive sun during the hottest times of the day.


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