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Treatment - The Body Lift
Firm, Smooth and Bright Skin

Sick of prematurely aged, dull, discoloured, unhealthy looking skin? Go for this dermal remodelingtreatment and enjoy a skin revolution! Return your complexion to health and get a loud and proud 'wow' back inyour life!

Optional Add On Optional add-ons include extractions, 15 minute shoulder, neck, arm and/or foot massage and mineral make-up application
Preperation The Body Revolution Kit contains a potent punch of purified plant molecules and offers a gentle, bio-logical answer to all your skin prayers. For stunningand long lasting results, start using 28 days prior to the Body Lift treatment. This take home kit contains three fantastic products. Body Build includes the hero bio-logicalingredient, Retinol AGP Complex. Complimenting this process are Body Clean cleanser, for a non-irritating, mild exfoliation, along with Body Shape, for soothingconditioning, encouraging intelligent hydration from the inside out.
After Care Carry on as usual with prescribed DermaPLAN treatment. Use the Correct Kit to enhance results.
Blueberry Smoothie Peel

Benefits Conditions Tingle Factor 1
• Anti-inflammatory • Thin Skin
• Chirally Corrected • Sun Damage
• Anti-Bacterial • Decollate
• Anti-Viral • Wrinkling Hands
• Firms • Spotty Backs
• Tightens
• Scarring
• Brightens • Stretch Marks
• Safe for Skin of Colour • Cellulite
• Ingrown Hairs
• Sensitive Skin
• Medical Conditions: Eczema or Psoriasis

The body is notoriously difficult to treat successfully as it can easily become scarred and irritated by less advanced procedures, such as grainysynthetic body scrubs, body wraps, resurfacing chemical peels and lasers. Unlike these abrasive treatments, this peel is formulated to improve the skin's appearancebeyond its surface without causing excessive redness and irritation. Bio-logical, potent plant actives will target specific pathways to stimulate more skin firming Collagenand Elastin in order to repair and rejuvenate from within. Body Lift Peel will continue to work on a microscopic level for up to two weeks after it is applied.

If you are planning to or already undergoing treatment with IPL, LASER, INDIBA or ACCENT, Body Lift Peel will enhance and help maintain the outcome as it restoreshealthy skin to promote an even greater skin firming boost from any other treatment device with the added benefit of also addressing stretch marks both old and new.

When you purchase a package of 4 Body Lift Peels you will receive a 5th complimentary treatment.


You will notice stimulation from treatment on the third and fourth day during which time results will be enhanced with use of the Body Revolution Kit,purchased separately.

Recovery time Ideally, this treatment should be left on for up to six hours or overnight. Depending on the severity of damage, a series of four treatments should be applied,four weeks apart. In between, you will require a homecare kit prescribed for your specific needs by a certified skincare specialist.

To access advanced skin resolution using DERMAplan corrective treatments, make an appointment for an in-depth consultation, skin analysis and wellness assessment.

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